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About GFT

Gothic Forest Troll is an umbrella name to give all of my shows (Black'N'Deather and Rumbustion) a decent home.
Also, Gothic Forest Troll is me, DJ Herr Ginsterbusch.

Gothic relates to both the classic gothic novel, but also to the gothic or dark scene ("Schwarze Szene"), which I've been a part of since the late 90s.

Forest relates to a description of my character, which is somewhat similar to the "old brown forest bear" depicted in Janosch's Traumstunde.

The name "troll" has various meanings, including giant or titan, demon, werewolf or even jötunn. Also see wikipedia :)


Extreme Metal Webradio Live Show, primarly focused on Black Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal & Viking / Pagan / Celtic / Folk Metal. Live each Sunday, 4 - 9 pm EST / 22:00 - 03:00 CET at Metal Devastation Radio.

Recently, I've also started doing test streams on Twitch. And yes, of corpse there is a facebook page :)


The ubiquitous "other", with its focus mainly on "dark electronic music". Which has always been somewhat present, but was neglected for the past few months .. now to be reborn as a podcast and live (video)-only show :)

And this show's got a facebook page as well.